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Advancing hearing and restoring hope in Africa.


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June 8, 2019/

This week our doctors have performed many life-changing surgeries such as cochlear implants and tympanoplasty procedures. They have brought relief…

June 5, 2019/

You would love Susan and her husband! Susan is a 38-year-old wife and mother with profound hearing loss living in…

June 4, 2019/

Today began with a course at BHUTH (evangel hospital) taught by Donna Smith, PA. She presented a lecture on neurotology,…

June 3, 2019/

What a beautiful African morning! Today we had the honor of worshipping with ECWA Gospel 2 Church. The hospitality we…

June 3, 2019/

A mission team has arrived in Jos, Nigeria! We are a group of nine, including several from Jacksonville Hearing and Balance…

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