Hearing Help For Africa

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Advancing hearing and restoring hope in Africa.

Today began with a course at BHUTH (evangel hospital) taught by Donna Smith, PA. She presented a lecture on neurotology, anatomy/physiology, vertigo, and Meniere’s Disease to a group of Nigerian doctors, nurses and medical students who had come to learn.

At the clinic today, the waiting room was overflowing with patients to be evaluated. Dr. Elizabeth Selle and Dr. Ryan Funderburk tested and fit many patients for hearing aids while Donna Smith, PA saw patients for medical visits.

Dr. Green’s Cochlear Implant operation on five-year-old Boniface went very well today. Boniface’s family is thrilled and very grateful for this life-changing day!

Fuki, a 14-year-old girl and her family told us that she had inhaled a “pin” two weeks ago. Her scans showed that the item was lodged deep in her bronchial tube. In the hospital, she had been sharing a room with a child who had the exact same medical issue. That child, whom Fuki had befriended, went into surgery for the doctors to remove the pin and did not survive.

Given what this little girl had seen and experienced we were amazed at her courage to undergo this operation herself. Today Dr. Mark Wood performed the surgery on this patient. An originally heavy hearted Operating Room applauded and cheered when, in a miracle, the pin was seamlessly removed from her body!

The item that was removed was not a straight pin as everyone had imagined, but a “thumbtack” lodged in her bronchial tube. The entire room was in awe. In the recovery room, this sweet young lady couldn’t stop crying and thanking Dr. Wood for saving her life.

She will go back to school and share this testimony with her friends.