Hearing Help For Africa

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Advancing hearing and restoring hope in Africa.

We left a little early today from clinic to visit some very special people. The team went to orphanages today to love on the little ones as well as their caregivers.

One of the orphanages was for “Internally Displaced Persons”, meaning they are refugees in their own country. Looking into their little eyes and caring for them, even for just a little while was a moving experience for our team. We gave lots of hugs and high fives. We played soccer with the balls we brought for them. It was heart-wrenching to have to leave them behind as the van drove away.

We also visited an orphanage for teenage girls. They sang a song for us that they wrote together and it was beautiful! We shared our names with them, which they were tickled by, and heard theirs. Dr. Green asked them to share their dreams with us and we were all so impressed by their maturity and the beauty in their answers. We got a chance to share a few words of encouragement with the group and spent time laughing with them, as teen girls love to do.

This evening we enjoyed dinner together in Peter Fratheim’s home, SIM ministry leader. It’s mango season in Nigeria and we enjoyed some freshly prepared mango and watermelon with our dinner. It was a refreshing meal after a long day.