Hearing Help For Africa

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Advancing hearing and restoring hope in Africa.

This week our doctors have performed many life-changing surgeries such as cochlear implants and tympanoplasty procedures. They have brought relief to many with ear pain and medical needs. They have celebrated with patients who smile big when their hearing aids have been turned on for the first time. We even had the opportunity for an early activation for Susan’s cochlear implant. She was excited to hear the chime of her phone!

Another important thing that has been happening throughout the trip has been investing in the future of Nigeria. We have had the opportunity to teach medical staff and students that will continue and carry on with providing hearing help for Africa. Dr. Green and Dr. Wood have held classes on hearing problems and treatments as well as a class in Cochlear implants and one class on the temporal bone. Our physician assistant and audiologists have also had the opportunity to teach at both BHUTH (Evangel Hospital) and JUTH (Teaching Hospital).

Understanding and advocacy for hearing loss needs in Africa have been rising. A radio broadcast interviewed Dr. Green. This interview was broadcasted throughout all of Nigeria and brought in several journalists asking questions about what we are doing and about solutions to hearing problems.

On an additional mission, our team member, Wink Cherry, has been pouring into coaches this week. Sports ministry brings much positivity and light to the youth in Nigeria. Coaches are in a prime position to walk alongside athletes, encouraging and empowering them not only as a team but in their lives as well. Wink spent the week training coaches who will impact the youth in Nigeria. In building up youth, the future of the country is impacted in a very positive way. We care about the future of this country and are proud to see individuals who step up in leadership and are becoming life changers in Nigeria.