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Advancing hearing and restoring hope in Africa.

Please read this patient testimonial of a man whose powerful story has impacted many.

Emmanuel Michael

“God saved my life”

31 years old

From Delta State and now lives in Jos

Married with a 2-year-old boy and 6-year-old girl.


Emmanuel described himself as a “street boy” as his family moved to Delta State after his father retired from the military in Lagos, Nigeria.

Emmanuel worked in a bakery. On December 7, 2004, the oven that He was working from exploded. A hot pipe went through his face, jaw to the eye socket, and laid him down on top of the hot oven causing burns across his torso. “They were trying to abandon me in the hospital”, Emmanuel told us. Doctors had unanimously decided that he would not survive and they should let him die. Dr. Joel Anthis, however, provided the means for him to stay in the hospital. After 3 months of being unconscious, he began to move. A year and a half later he was able to walk out of the hospital, discharged and able to fully embrace life. A true miracle in which he gives God glory.

He powerfully stated, “I didn’t think I was vital for society but God showed me he has a purpose for my life”. Initially, in his recovery, he felt he was no longer of value because of his scars from this tragic accident. Others even told his wife she would not want to marry him because of the changes in his appearance. Yet they were married in 2009. They named their son after Dr. Anthis as a testament to what God has done in his life.

Emmanuel now enjoys playing basketball with his son, works in the laundry at BHUTH and is studying at Ecwa Technology School with hopes to pursue work in IT. He feels a calling on his life to share his testimony and encourage others.

Before the accident, Emmanuel said that he wanted to move to America and be like celebrities. He says that now “God has opened my eyes to see there is nothing in this world”. His joy is in the Lord alone.