Hearing Help For Africa

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Advancing hearing and restoring hope in Africa.

Listen to the story of a kind, endearing and passionate man named Samuel Ochenehi.

Samuel Ochenehi is a patient we have had the honor of knowing for several years now. He is a father to 2 beautiful children and husband to his wife, Messe. Sam received his cochlear implant from Dr. Green in 2012. He is currently a resident at Jos University Teaching Hospital and is pursuing his dream to help others with hearing loss.

Sam was in his second year as a medical student when, in January of 2006, he took ill with fever and lost his hearing. “I felt hopeless. That I wouldn’t be able to complete my schooling”, he told us. Though his grades proved his knowledge, the school was not going to let him graduate due to his hearing loss. This caused deep discouragement in his life until he heard a lecture about Cochlear implants and the work that Dr. Green was doing in Africa. Sam talked with Nigerian physician, Dr. Adoga about what he had heard and soon began emailing with Dr. Green.

Sam traveled to Jacksonville, Florida to receive his Cochlear implant and his life was transformed. He told us, “Before I was in isolation but now it has helped me both academically and socially.” He said, “I am so grateful for Dr. Green because without him maybe I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Motivated by his gratitude and experience, Sam has chosen to pursue ENT in hopes to do the same in bringing hearing help to others. It is stories like Samuel’s that encourage us when we think about the future of Africa. His zeal and heart to give back will carry on the mission for providing hearing help for Africa.

Samuel Ochenehi